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How to get referrals

by PTC Pimp | Friday, August 29, 2008 in |

Here's another tutorial for you, I'll try to explain how you can get more referrals for your site.

1. Tell your friends - this is the most obvious one. Unless you're some loner who has no friends, this could earn you a couple of referrals, if your friends are up for it.
2. Add your link to signatures and profiles - on forums, in email, in instant messagers etc. etc. wherever you can add the link, without violating the site/forum/whatever rules.
3. Make a website or a blog - and be sure that you give enough info about it, many people just pile up links and expect people with click on them. You have to explain what's PTC for newbies, give reviews for each site etc.
4. Buy advertisements - and point them to your ref link. You could buy them on PTC sites, or some other sites, the choise is yours.
5. Referral exchange - PTC Talk's referral exchange subforum is a great place to exchange referrals. Be sure to read their rules before you post! Also, you could try some referral exchange websites, but I don't recommend them.
6. Buy referrals - this one's the last resort, but unless you're a natural talent at getting referrals, you'll most probably do this in the end. Just be sure that you use the money you gained from PTCs when you do it.

I hope this will help you a little so that you can reach those magical figures from the examples.

Happy clicking :)
PTC Pimp