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IsabelMarco's Money Maker review

by PTC Pimp | Monday, August 18, 2008 in , , |

It's my first review, and I picked IsabelMarco with a reason.

(click on the banner to view the site)

The site supports both Paypal and Alertpay. As you can see on the banner, the site pays you 0,01$ per click and 0,007 per referral click for standard members and 0,015 per click and 0,01 per referral click for premium members. Ad viewing time is 30 seconds. Users get 10 fixed ads and a random number of temporary ads throughout the day, so be sure to check often! Ads are reset 24h after clicking.

Premium membership costs 9$ for one month or 70$ for one year and I find the price slightly higher than average. Referral packages are 5 refs - 8,5$; 15 refs - 18,5$; 35 ref - 38$; 100 refs - 106$ and 500 refs - 480$, which is very reasonable.

The minimum payout is 9$, which is only 1$ below the standard. They pay you in 20 days if you're a premium member or in 40 days if you're a standard member and they usually aren't late with their payments. There are many appraisals of them and many payment proofs so there's no reason to doubt this site's credibility.

My final rating for this site, mainly because of the sites reputation and the ability to earn as a standard member, is: Recommended


Happy clicking :)
PTC Pimp