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Protect yourself from scams

by PTC Pimp | Friday, August 22, 2008 in , |

As with all the ways to earn money online, there are various scam sites that present themselves as legitimate PTC sites. Here are a few ways to reckognise that a site is a scam:

1. Default layout - Sites with default layout show us that the owner only wants to get money and doesn't care about the site looks. If you see a site with default or slightly changed layout and the same text as everywhere, it's a scam. Here's an example of a default layout.

2. Free hosts and free domains - If someone doesn't have the money to buy a domain or hosting he won't pay you. Simple.

3. Default TOS - If a site doesn't have it's own rules, it doesn't care if you break them. If it doesn't care if you break the rules, it will break them too and won't pay you.

4. Sustainability - This one is a bit trickier. If a site can't sustain itself to pay the clicks from the advertising prices, in the end, after the selling of refferals and premium membership stops, it won't have enough money to pay (see Ponzi scheme). For example, if a site pays 0,01$ per click and 0,005$ per ref click it'll have to pay 15$ for 1000 clicks. Now, if the price for advertisers is less than 15$ it means they won't have enough money to pay. The owner is trying to get more advertisers with cheaper prices and doesn't care about paying his users. One exeption to this rule is Isabelmarco, which although it has lower advertising prices, has been around for quite a long time and has always paid it's members on time.

I hope this will help you in avoiding scam sites, but have in mind you can never be completely safe from scams.

Happy clicking :)
PTC Pimp