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Take The Globe review

by PTC Pimp | Tuesday, August 26, 2008 in , , |

It's another review and this time it's Take The Globe.

Take The Globe in one sentance: more ads, less time to view the ads, more money.

I did some math, you have 5 times more ads than your average PTC site, need 3 time more time and earn 2,5 times more money. Take The Globe pays standard members 0,005 per view and 0,0025 per ref view, and for premiums 0,01 per view and 0,005 per ref view. Sounds little? Not if you have 50 standard and 50 premium ads! Yes, and you need to view the ads for only 20 seconds! This system beats your typical 10-ads 30-seconds PTCs and makes this site my favourite.

The available referral packs are:
10 for 12.99$
15 for 19.49$
20 for 25.99$
50 for 64.99$
100 for 129$
200 for 258$
500 for 645$

There's also a handy tool which shows you which one you're in queue for receiving referrals.

Premium membership costs 59.99 and you'll receive it within one working day. You also get 5 free referrals with your purchase.

The minimum payout is 10$, the usual. You'll get paid in 30 days if you're a premium member or 60 days if you're standard, however Take The Globe ALWAS pays and has never missed out a payment on a member. It's one of the most respectable PTC sites around.

As I said, the uniqueness of this site makes it my favourite and it's also my top earning site. It couldn't get a rating lower than Recommended


Happy clicking :)
PTC Pimp