Hello, I'm PTC Pimp and I welcome you to my blog! I'll try to give my honest opinion about PTC sites, as well as some tips and warnings which may help you as you try to earn money online using PTC sites. If you are new to PTC (or even if you're not!), you'll find useful info at the What is PTC? post which can help you out. Or, you could browse the links on the top.

Foxcash review

by PTC Pimp | Sunday, September 07, 2008 in , , |

This one is another review, this time of the infamous Foxcash.

The reason I'm reviewing it because it's extremely advertised on the internet as a trusted and legitimate PTC site. They have 15 ads every day and give you 0,015 per click. Such good earnings lure unsuspected users to them, while those users never get paid. They are paying members who requested on july 20th (premium) and july 7th (standard) for quite some time now, which means they made their last payment weeks ago.

Unfortunately, Foxcash was a trusted paying site until few months ago, when it was hacked. Some users believe there was no hack at all, since the last time Foxcash's database was backed-up was two months before the hack, which means many members lost their earnings and some even their accounts. Since the hack, Foxcash has only paid a few users and various sites such as Xclix and MySpaceToEarn, ran by Foxcash staff, turned out to be scams.

I requested a payment some time ago, and unless I get it, this site will be ranked in my blog as a Scam

How to get referrals

by PTC Pimp | Friday, August 29, 2008 in |

Here's another tutorial for you, I'll try to explain how you can get more referrals for your site.

1. Tell your friends - this is the most obvious one. Unless you're some loner who has no friends, this could earn you a couple of referrals, if your friends are up for it.
2. Add your link to signatures and profiles - on forums, in email, in instant messagers etc. etc. wherever you can add the link, without violating the site/forum/whatever rules.
3. Make a website or a blog - and be sure that you give enough info about it, many people just pile up links and expect people with click on them. You have to explain what's PTC for newbies, give reviews for each site etc.
4. Buy advertisements - and point them to your ref link. You could buy them on PTC sites, or some other sites, the choise is yours.
5. Referral exchange - PTC Talk's referral exchange subforum is a great place to exchange referrals. Be sure to read their rules before you post! Also, you could try some referral exchange websites, but I don't recommend them.
6. Buy referrals - this one's the last resort, but unless you're a natural talent at getting referrals, you'll most probably do this in the end. Just be sure that you use the money you gained from PTCs when you do it.

I hope this will help you a little so that you can reach those magical figures from the examples.

Happy clicking :)
PTC Pimp

Take The Globe review

by PTC Pimp | Tuesday, August 26, 2008 in , , |

It's another review and this time it's Take The Globe.

Take The Globe in one sentance: more ads, less time to view the ads, more money.

I did some math, you have 5 times more ads than your average PTC site, need 3 time more time and earn 2,5 times more money. Take The Globe pays standard members 0,005 per view and 0,0025 per ref view, and for premiums 0,01 per view and 0,005 per ref view. Sounds little? Not if you have 50 standard and 50 premium ads! Yes, and you need to view the ads for only 20 seconds! This system beats your typical 10-ads 30-seconds PTCs and makes this site my favourite.

The available referral packs are:
10 for 12.99$
15 for 19.49$
20 for 25.99$
50 for 64.99$
100 for 129$
200 for 258$
500 for 645$

There's also a handy tool which shows you which one you're in queue for receiving referrals.

Premium membership costs 59.99 and you'll receive it within one working day. You also get 5 free referrals with your purchase.

The minimum payout is 10$, the usual. You'll get paid in 30 days if you're a premium member or 60 days if you're standard, however Take The Globe ALWAS pays and has never missed out a payment on a member. It's one of the most respectable PTC sites around.

As I said, the uniqueness of this site makes it my favourite and it's also my top earning site. It couldn't get a rating lower than Recommended


Happy clicking :)
PTC Pimp


by PTC Pimp | Sunday, August 24, 2008 in |

If you want to be safer from scams, you should read my post on how to protect yourself from scams and visit PTC Talk's scam alert page, which lists all known scam sites.

Safe clicking :)
PTC Pimp

Protect yourself from scams

by PTC Pimp | Friday, August 22, 2008 in , |

As with all the ways to earn money online, there are various scam sites that present themselves as legitimate PTC sites. Here are a few ways to reckognise that a site is a scam:

1. Default layout - Sites with default layout show us that the owner only wants to get money and doesn't care about the site looks. If you see a site with default or slightly changed layout and the same text as everywhere, it's a scam. Here's an example of a default layout.

2. Free hosts and free domains - If someone doesn't have the money to buy a domain or hosting he won't pay you. Simple.

3. Default TOS - If a site doesn't have it's own rules, it doesn't care if you break them. If it doesn't care if you break the rules, it will break them too and won't pay you.

4. Sustainability - This one is a bit trickier. If a site can't sustain itself to pay the clicks from the advertising prices, in the end, after the selling of refferals and premium membership stops, it won't have enough money to pay (see Ponzi scheme). For example, if a site pays 0,01$ per click and 0,005$ per ref click it'll have to pay 15$ for 1000 clicks. Now, if the price for advertisers is less than 15$ it means they won't have enough money to pay. The owner is trying to get more advertisers with cheaper prices and doesn't care about paying his users. One exeption to this rule is Isabelmarco, which although it has lower advertising prices, has been around for quite a long time and has always paid it's members on time.

I hope this will help you in avoiding scam sites, but have in mind you can never be completely safe from scams.

Happy clicking :)
PTC Pimp

IsabelMarco's Money Maker review

by PTC Pimp | Monday, August 18, 2008 in , , |

It's my first review, and I picked IsabelMarco with a reason.

(click on the banner to view the site)

The site supports both Paypal and Alertpay. As you can see on the banner, the site pays you 0,01$ per click and 0,007 per referral click for standard members and 0,015 per click and 0,01 per referral click for premium members. Ad viewing time is 30 seconds. Users get 10 fixed ads and a random number of temporary ads throughout the day, so be sure to check often! Ads are reset 24h after clicking.

Premium membership costs 9$ for one month or 70$ for one year and I find the price slightly higher than average. Referral packages are 5 refs - 8,5$; 15 refs - 18,5$; 35 ref - 38$; 100 refs - 106$ and 500 refs - 480$, which is very reasonable.

The minimum payout is 9$, which is only 1$ below the standard. They pay you in 20 days if you're a premium member or in 40 days if you're a standard member and they usually aren't late with their payments. There are many appraisals of them and many payment proofs so there's no reason to doubt this site's credibility.

My final rating for this site, mainly because of the sites reputation and the ability to earn as a standard member, is: Recommended


Happy clicking :)
PTC Pimp

What is PTC?

by PTC Pimp | Sunday, August 17, 2008 in |

If you are new to PTC, then you're reading the right stuff! PTC stands for Paid-to-Click or Pay-to-Click which means that you earn money by clicking and viewing ads. The most important thing about the PTC concept is that it's completely free. The sites offer you to buy upgrades and referrals, but that's optional and not needed to earn money.

You're probably wondering how much you can earn. Well, you won't get rich but, with patience, you can earn extra money that you probably need. With time and resolve you could earn per month 100$, 200$ or more, depending on your actions and choices. To do that you'll need referrals, and I tried to explain how to get them here. It's one of the few ways to earn money online that's safe (although it's not always risk-free, we're getting to that part).

There are, of course, scam sites which present themselves as legitimate PTC sites, but don't pay you in the end and disappear. There are signs that a site is a scam, you can check that at the protect yourself from scams post.

Even though some sites pay via Paypal, most sites use only Alerpay to process the payments. Alertpay is a good alternative to Paypal, and you can join by clicking here.

If you want to give PTC a try, visit a "Trusted PTCs" link on the right, or if you want more info check the links on the top of the page, also shown below for your convenience :) :

Payment proofs

Happy clicking :)
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