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Foxcash review

by PTC Pimp | Sunday, September 07, 2008 in , , |

This one is another review, this time of the infamous Foxcash.

The reason I'm reviewing it because it's extremely advertised on the internet as a trusted and legitimate PTC site. They have 15 ads every day and give you 0,015 per click. Such good earnings lure unsuspected users to them, while those users never get paid. They are paying members who requested on july 20th (premium) and july 7th (standard) for quite some time now, which means they made their last payment weeks ago.

Unfortunately, Foxcash was a trusted paying site until few months ago, when it was hacked. Some users believe there was no hack at all, since the last time Foxcash's database was backed-up was two months before the hack, which means many members lost their earnings and some even their accounts. Since the hack, Foxcash has only paid a few users and various sites such as Xclix and MySpaceToEarn, ran by Foxcash staff, turned out to be scams.

I requested a payment some time ago, and unless I get it, this site will be ranked in my blog as a Scam